Seminars: Fall 2023

Friday, December 1: Dalia Ghanem (UC Davis) 

"Evaluating the Impact of Regulatory Policies on Social Welfare in Difference-in-Difference Settings"
Panelists: Attila Lindner, Christoph Rothe,  Pedro H.C. Sant'Anna
Moderator: Anna Mikusheva


Friday, November 17: Roger Koenker (UIUC) and José Luis Montiel Olea (Cornell)

"Empirical Bayes Methods and Applications"
Moderator: Alberto Abadie


Friday, November 3: Manuel Arellano (CEMFI)

"Estimating flexible income processes from subjective expectations data"
Panelists: Aureo de Paula, Laura Liu, Wilbert Van Der Klaauw
Moderator: Alberto Abadie


Friday, October 20: Kaspar Wuthrich (UCSD)

"Selection and Parallel Trends" (joint with Dalia Ghanem and Pedro H.C. Sant'Anna)
Panelists: Manuel Arellano, Andrew Goodman-Bacon, Philip Marx
Moderator: Francesca Molinari


Friday, October 13: Jonathan Roth (Brown)

"Tutorial on Pre-Trends Testing and Sensitivity Analysis for Difference-in-Differences"
Moderator: Anna Mikusheva


Friday, September 22: Xiaoxia Shi (Wisconsin)

"Testing Inequalities Linear in Nuisance Parameters" (joint with Gregory Cox and Yuya Shimizu)
Panelists: Hiroaki Kaido and Thomas Russell
Moderator: Francesca Molinari


Friday, September 8: Rahul Singh (Harvard)

"Causal Inference with Corrupted Data: Measurement Error, Missing Values, Discretization, and Differential Privacy"
Panelists: Denis Nekipelov and Daniel Wilhelm
Moderator: Xiaohong Chen