Seminars: Spring 2023

Friday, March 24: Claudia Noack (Oxford)

"Flexible Covariate Adjustments in Regression Discontinuity Designs"
Panelists: Sebastian Calonico, Thomas Lemieux, Stefan Wager
Moderator: Isaiah Andrews


Friday, March 10: Désiré Kédagni (UNC Chapel Hill)

"Generalized Difference-in-Differences Models: Robust Bounds"
Panelists: Petra Todd, Kaspar Wuthrich, Simon Freyaldenhoven
Moderator: Jann Spiess


Friday, February 24: Ben Deaner (UCL)

"Controlling for Latent Confounding with Triple Proxies"
Panelists: Kirill Evdokimov, Daniel Wilhelm, and Kenichi Nagasawa
Moderator: Stéphane Bonhomme


Friday, February 10: Ulrich Mueller (Princeton)

"Spatial Unit Roots"
Panelists: Damian Kozbur, Tim Vogelsang, and Guido Kuersteiner
Moderator: Barbara Rossi